What machines are needed to set up a mini sunflower oil mill plant?

If you want to set up a mini sunflower oil mill plant, extract sunflower oil from sunflower seeds, you had better to be equipped with: cleaning machines (vibrating screen, magnetic separator and destoner machine), husking machine, flaking machine, cooking machine and sunflower oil press. The following is a introduction of the function of each kind of machine used in the process of sunflower oil production.

sunflower oil making machinesSmall scale sunflower oil processing machines

Cleaning machines

Cleaning machines includes vibrating screen, magnetic separator and destoner machine. These three machines are used to remove the impurities in the crude materials, like dust and ropes, iron scraps, stones, etc.

Husking machine

Husking machine can help you remove the shell of sunflower seeds, which is convenient for subsequent cooking and pressing.

Flaking machine

Flaking machine can squeeze the sunflower seeds into thin sheets, which shorten the oil passage greatly.

Cooking machine

Cooking machine can control the temperature and humidity of sunflower seeds, which can fully destroy the tissue of cell in the thin sheets, improve the oil yield rate.

Sunflower oil press

cooking oil making machineCooking oil making machines

The pressing machine ,which is the most important machine needed in this process and greatly determine the level of oil yield, can squeezes the sunflower oil out from the sunflower seeds materials by mechanical force.

Of course, these machines are just those needed in the standard equipment plan of the small sunflower oil factory, you can also ask us to help you adjust it. Doing company is professional in sunflower oil extraction plant design, installation, technical consulting and so on and can provide you whole sunflower oil mill plant from 10 to 1000TPD. If you want to know more about sunflower oil mill plant, please feel free to contact us.

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