Large capacity sunflower oil production plant running process 3D video

Through the video, we can see large capacity sunflower oil production plant running process step by step. Sunflower oil is extracting from oilseed sunflower, which contains 66% linoleic acid and low cholesterol, so is called 21st century "healthy nutrition oil". The sunflower oil production process in video is physical pressing method, very healthy.

Sunflower oil production process flow chart:

sunflower oil production processSunflower oil production process flow chart

In a word, sunflower oil production process can be devided into four steps.

  • Sunflower seeds cleaning section: viberating screen, magnetic separator, destoner;
  • Sunflower seeds pretreatment section: craker, kernel husk separator, flaker, vertical stack cooker;
  • Sunflower seeds pre-pressing and pressing section: auxiliary cooker, srew oil expeller;
  • Sunflower oil clarification and filter section: clarification tank, leaf filter.

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