Sunflower oil production line

Brief introduction of sunflower oil production line:

Small scale sunflower oil processing plant only includes pressing, refining and dewaxing section. However, a large sunflower oil production factory need a complete sunflower oil production line, which has four parts: 1. Sunflower seeds preparation and oil pre-pressing line; 2. Sunflower oil solvent extraction line; 3. Sunflower oil refining line; 4. Sunflower oil dewaxing line. Next, I will introduce them one by one.

1. Sunflower seeds preparation and oil pre-pressing line

sunflower oil production lineSunflower seeds preparation machine and sunflower oil pre-pressing machine

Sunflower seeds preparation is through a series of machines to deal with sunflower seeds in order to adjust the shape, temperature and humidity of sunflower seeds to extract sunflower oil easily.

Sunflower oil pre-pressing machine can extract about a half sunflower oil from sunflower seeds, then sunflower seeds cakes will be sent to the next part--sunflower oil solvent extraction line.

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2. Sunflower oil solvent extraction line

Generally, the capacity more than 30 tons per day, the sunflower oil solvent extraction line is recommended to add into the whole sunflower oil production line. Sunflower oil solvent extraction line uses n-hexane to dissolve sunflower oil from sunflower seeds cakes. Then, through evaporating and stripping, the n-hexane is evaporated from the mixed oil, to get sunflower oil.

sunflower oil production lineSunflower oil solvent extraction plant

The biggest advantage of sunflower oil solvent extraction line is the high oil yield. Because the sunflower seeds cake from sunflower oil solvent extraction line only contains less than 1% residual oil. It is also the biggest advantage of large sunflower oil production factory.

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3. Sunflower oil refining line

In big scale sunflower oil production line, the sunflower oil refining line is usually automatic and continuous. Full-continuous sunflower oil refining machine contains four main processes: Degumming & Deacidification -- Decolorization -- Deodorization.

sunflower oil production lineFull-continuous sunflower oil refining plant

The sunflower oil refining line is mainly to remove the impurities from crude sunflower oil, to get refined sunflower oil, which is with light and bright colors, good flavor. But the last step -- sunflower oil dewaxing is important for the customers who want to sell their refined sunflower oil in the supermarket.

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4. Sunflower oil dewaxing line

Sunflower oil dewaxing line is to remove wax content in sunflower oil. High wax content will influence the flavor of sunflower oil. Through heating, cooling & crystallization, and filtration three steps finish the dewaxing process of sunflower oil.

sunfower oil filling machineSunflower oil packing and filling line

A complete sunflower oil production line also contains sunflower oil packing and filling line. There are also a series of machines in sunflower oil packing and filling line. Such as Blow moulding machine, Unscrambler machine, Filling machine, Screw cap machine and Labeling machine. If you need, Henan Doing Company can provide all the machines for you. Welcome to contact us!

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