Sunflower oil filling machine

Sunflower oil filling machine is necessary for the complete sunflower oil production line. Henan Doing Company can offer different types of sunflower oil filling machine according to your production capacity of your sunflower oil mill plant.

sunflower oil filling machineSunflower oil filling machine working process

Sunflower oil filling machines sold by Henan Doing Company can be divided into semi-automatic filling machine and fully automatic filling machine according to the degree of automation. In terms of function, it can be divided into single head, double head semi-automatic sunflower oil filling machine and four-head, six-head, multi-head automatic sunflower oil filling machine. Filling range: Suitable for 1-5L bottled and barreled edible oils such as sunflower oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, rice bran oil, palm oil, etc.

Semi-automatic sunflower oil filling machine

sunflower oil filling machineDouble head semi-automatic sunflower oil filling machine

Generally, semi-automatic filling machines have foot switches that require worker operation.

Set the filling volume → Place the empty oil bottles → Press the switch by foot to start the filling device → The nozzle drops → Start filling → End filling → The nozzle rises → Vacuum suction → Place the next set of empty bottles.

Features of semi-automatic sunflower oil filling machine:

A. This kind of sunflower oil filling machine has reasonable design, small size and convenient operation characteristics;

B. The piston and cylinder of the cylinder are made of PTFE and stainless steel;

C. Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily;

D. Filling bulkhead adopts anti-drip, anti-drawing and lifting filling device, which can be applied to the filling of different edible oil.

The main technical parameters:

Filling capacity: 0.5-5.0 (liter)
Filling speed: 200-800 bottles / hour (depending on capacity, viscosity)
Filling accuracy: ≤±0.5% (based on the designed maximum capacity)

Automatic sunflower oil filling machine

automatic sunflower oil filling machineFour head automatic sunflower oil filling machine

In the working process of the automatic filling machine, only two manual operations of manual placing and manual placing are required, and unmanned filling can also be realized.

Automatic filling machine process:

Set the filling amount → Manually place the empty bottle → Automatic transfer → Automatic sensor bottle position nozzle drop → Automatic filling → Automatic transfer → Manual release → Automatic gland → Automatic coding → Conveyor warehouse

Features of automatic sunflower oil filling machine:

A. Digital display filling capacity

B. PLC microcomputer program control

C. Two-speed filling control technology

D. Computerized quantitative, linear filling

E. Anti-drip filling valve

F. Stainless steel manufacturing

The main technical parameters:

Number of filling heads 4 6
Production capacity (bottle / hour) 400-800 800-1600
Capacity range (liter) 0.1-20 liters
Filling accuracy (%) ±≤0.5%FS
Working voltage (V) 220 380
Air source pressure (Mpa) 0.5-0.7

Generally speaking, our customers also purchase sunflower oil filling machine while purchasing sunflower oil processing equipment. This not only saves procurement time, but aslo the sunflower oil filling machine can be installed and commissioned with the sunflower oil processing plant.

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