30-1000TPD full-continuous sunflower oil refinery plant

In addition to the dewaxing process, full continuous sunflower oil refining process is the same as the refining process of other conventional oils. According to the processing capacity and automation degree of sunflower oil refining machine, it can be divided into batch sunflower oil refining machine(1-20 tpd), semi-continuous sunflower oil refining machine(10-50 tpd), and full continuous sunflower oil refining machine(more than 30 tpd). No matter what kind of sunflower oil refining machine you want, Henan Doing engineers can design according to the needs of customers.

This passage will introduce 30-1000tpd sunflower oil refinery plant working principle, working process and functions of each sunflower oil refining machine.

sunflower oil refinery plantFull continuous sunflower oil refinery plant 3D picture

Sunflower oil is generally processed into crude sunflower oil by using high-quality sunflower seeds, and then degummed, deacidified, decolorized, deodorized and dewaxed into qualified edible oil by sunflower oil refining machine.

The sunflower oil refining process is a process that removes unwanted and undesirable elements from the crude sunflower oil, including free fatty acids, phospholipids, gums, odors, colors, waxes, and so on. Refining makes sunflower oil clean, pure and improves the overall quality of sunflower oil.

Degumming/ deacidification technology:

sunflower oil refining machineCentrifuges and delivery pumps in full continuous sunflower oil refinery plant

The metered crude sunflower oil is filtered through filter equiand then pumped into a heat exchanger for heating.

Higher acid acid fats should be chemically deacidified at low temperature. Chemical deacidification process: the heated oil is mixed with a certain concentration of lye through a centrifugal mixer, and then enters the alkali reaction retention tank for acid-base neutralization, and then enters the centrifugal separator after the reaction, at last the oil and soap in the high-speed rotating centrifuge are separated. The separated oil also contains a certain amount of residual soap. The mixed soap can be mixed by adding a certain amount of hot water, and then the soap-containing wastewater is separated by a centrifuge.

The oil with lower acid value can only be hydrated and degummed. After the hydration degummed oil is decolored, it enters the physical deacidification section for physical deacidification, which can minimize the refining loss.

The degummed and deacidified oil after washing is pumped into a vacuum dryer for moisture drying, and then cooled by a cooler to enter the intermediate storage tank.

Decolorization technology:

The decolorization tower is unique to fully continuous sunflower oil refinery plant, which is more effective than decolorization tank in batch sunflower oil refinery plant.

The oil is heated to 105 °C by a neutralizing oil heater using low pressure steam under steady flow control. The heated oil is then sent to a vacuum decolorizer. When the oil enters the decolorization tower, it is mixed with the white clay through a proportioning mixer. The decolorization tower is divided into several layers, each of which is equipped with a steam ejector for agitating the oil and clay, the remaining soap in the oil, the gel deposit, the pigment body and other metals are also adsorbed by the decolorizing oil. The mixture of oil and white clay from the bleaching tower is pumped into leaf filter, and then into the fine filter, at last the filtrate (decolorizing oil) is then transferred to a decolorizing tank for intermediate storage.

sunflower oil refining machineFilter, heat exchanger, deodorization tower and decolorization tower

Deodorization technology:

The decolorized oil is heated through a series of heat exchangers to a deodorization temperature of approximately 205 to 260 degrees. When the oil is heated in the final oil heater, some of the low boiling free fatty acids and some volatiles are vaporized here, and the gas and liquid oil enter the packed deodorization tower from different inlets.

The heated oil is distilled in a flash column, a retention tank, and a main deodorization tower, and the fatty acid and odor components in the oil are vaporized and then removed.

Dewaxing technology:

Dewaxing is an important part of improving the quality of sunflower oil. The presence of wax mainly affects the palatability of oils and fats. Therefore, the main purpose of dewaxing is to improve the palatability of sunflower, and to improve the sensory properties of oils such as transparency and brightness. Although there are many methods for dewaxing, such as freeze crystallization, surfactant, cold polymerization, electrostatic, neutralization and the like. However, in the current industrial production, the freezing crystallization method is basically adopted, and since the crystal properties of different oils are different, the crystallization rate, the temperature, the time of the nutrient, and the filtration method are also largely different.

Full continuous sunflower oil refinery plant utilize advanced edible oil refining technology, with complicated refining process and refining equipment. But Henan Doing Company is very professioanal, you can be completely reassured. If you have any question, leave your requirement, and our engineer will help you.

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