1-20TPD batch type sunflower oil refinery plant

1-20TPD sunflower oil refinery plant is batch type sunflower oil refinery plant, low cost characteristic, and developed to refine the crude sunflower oil with the purpose of elimination of impurities from that crude sunflower oil. Among them, 1TPD, 2TPD mini sunflower oil refinery plant are popular for customers. Doing company 1-20TPD small scale sunflower oil refinery plant can be very useful for new customers who are planning to set-up industry in the field of edible oil refining.

Sunflower oil is considered to be one of the most stable oils for cooking, with high content of the essential vitamin E and low content of saturated fat. It is also known for having a clean taste and low levels of trans fat. Doing Company small scale sunflower oil refinery plant will eventually produce an additive free refined sunflower oil having good oxidative, flavor and cold-test stabilities.

Functions of each equipment in small scale sunflower oil refinery plant:

small scale sunflower oil refinery plant1-2TPD mini sunflower oil refinery plant 3D picture

1. Neutralization Tank: For acid refining, alkali refining and water washing.

2. Decolorization Tank: To bleach the sunflower oil and remove pigment from sunflower oil.

3. Deodorization Tank: Removes odor from sunflower oil.

4. Thermal Heater: Provides heat energy to raise the temperature.

5. Vacuum Pump: Provides vacuum degree for decolorization and deodorization sections.

6. Air Compressor: Dry decolorization of white clay.

7. Filtration Unit: Filters white clay and to remove impurities.

8. Steam Generator: Provides steam for deodorization & distillation sections.

Basic parameters of 1TPD small scale sunflower oil refinery plant:

Steam consumption: 0.5bar and 1tph
Compressed air: 6-8bar, 0.8m³/min
Cooling water: you need to build a cooling water pool outside of the workshop with concrete, the cooling water can be recycled and used, 2-4t/d, at normal temperature below 32℃.
Phosphoric acid concentration: 85% food grade
NaOH concentration: solid caustic soda flakes

Advantages of Henan Doing small scale sunflower oil refinery plant:

batch type sunflower oil refinery plantDifferent capacities sunflower oil refinery plant part view

1) Small capacity suitable for small edible oil refinery business

2) Lower initial investment

3) Less space and manpower needed

4) Can be installed anywhere inside the plant.

Apart from the normal sunflower oil refining process, sunflower oil need further processing. It should be dewaxed and modified to alter their melting characteristics. Because sunflower oil presents an un-pleasant turbidity at low temperature. The process of dewaxing is exactly to make sunflower oil keep clear at low temperature.

sunflower oil dewaxing machine0.5tpd sunflower oil dewaxing machine

Only dewaxed sunflower oil can meet national standards and be sold in supermarkets. The by-products of dewaxing can be further processed to create value-added products or reduce costs.

Henan Doing offers small scale to large scale sunflower oil refinery plants with Turnkey service. Our professional engineers design and develop complete integrated sunflower oil refinery plant and sunflower oil dewaxing plant specially.

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