What is the extraction process of cold pressed sunflower oil?

Usually, we use physical pressing to extract cold pressed sunflower oil, which is mainly divided into three stages: pretreatment section, pressing section, and filtering section. Next, I will introduce the advantages and extraction process of cold pressed sunflower oil to you.

Cold pressing of oilseeds is an oil extraction process that meets the needs of "green" consumers. Cold pressing is a completely physical and mechanical method of oil extraction, so it avoids the contact between edible oil and organic solvents, acids, alkalis, active white clay and high temperatures that are the only common methods used today, and the resulting edible oil only needs to be filtered or dried to meet consumption requirements. The nutrient content of the sunflower oil is retained as much as possible.

The extraction process of cold pressed sunflower oil is as follows:

Extraction process of cold pressed sunflower oil.jpgExtraction process of cold pressed sunflower oil

1.Pretreatment section

In the pretreatment section, we use magnetic separators, vibrating cleaning sieves, shellers, kernel-shell separating sieves, flaking machine and transfer equipment.

Sunflower oil pretreatment machine.jpgSunflower oil pretreatment machine

In this stage, we first use magnetic separator and vibrating cleaning sieve to remove impurities such as metal and branches and leaves from sunflower seeds. These impurities are not conducive to oil extraction on the one hand, and can affect the normal operation of the oil press on the other. After obtaining clean sunflower seeds, we use a sheller and a kernel-shell separating sieve to obtain clean sunflower kernels. After that, we will use the flaking machine to press the sunflower seeds into thin slices to improve the oil yield by increasing the contact area between the sunflower seeds and the oil press.

2.Pressing section

After obtaining clean sunflower seed flakes from the pretreatment section, they are transported to the oil pressing through the transporter and pressed to obtain sunflower oil.

Sunflower oil pressing machine.jpgSunflower oil pressing machine

3.Filtering section

Finally, the sunflower oil obtained from the pressing is passed through a filter to remove the fibers and other fine impurities from the oil to obtain clean cold-pressed sunflower oil.

Sunflower oil filtering machine.jpgSunflower oil filtering machine

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