YZYX70WX sunflower oil extraction machine was purchased by a customer from Kenya

On March 3, 2023, a customer from Kenya successfully purchased a YZYX70WX sunflower oil extraction machine from Henan Glory Company.

On March 2, 2023, the customer sent us an inquiry about the sunflower oil extraction machine, and we recommended the YZYX70WX sunflower oil extraction machine to the customer, which is equipped with an automatic temperature control system and filtration The machine is easy to operate and is suitable for the pressing of various oil crops. The customer is happy and says to pay next week.

YZYX70WX sunflower oil extraction machine.jpgYZYX70WX sunflower oil extraction machine

March 15th is the 12th anniversary of Henan Glory Company. In order to give back to new and old customers, the company has discount activities. If customer pays as soon as possible, customer can enjoy the discount and deliver the goods to customer as soon as possible. We informed the customer of this good news, and the customer was very moved after hearing it. On the evening of March 3, the customer placed an order and paid.

Henan Glory Company is committed to the R&D and production of sunflower oil presses, sunflower oil extraction, and sunflower oil refining machine. We have a professional team and services. If you want to start sunflower oil production business, please contact us.

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