How much cost raised to build a 10 tons per day sunflower oil processing plant?

For a sunflower seed factory that is scheduled to process 10 tons of sunflower seeds per day. Typically, the daily working hours are approximately 10-12 hours. The cost of constructing such a sunflower oil processing plant is mainly considered from two aspects, one is the construction of a processing workshop, and the other is the procurement of sunflower oil processing machine.

sunflower oil processing plant.jpg10 tons per day sunflower oil processing plant

For the construction cost of the processing workshop, it is necessary to consult your local construction team to confirm the factory construction cost. At the same time, if you require, we can also provide technical support such as factory layout planning. The cost of sunflower oil processing machine varies from $32000 to $69500 depending on the equipment configuration.

For customers with low initial investment budgets, processing equipment mainly includes transportation equipment, roaster, oil presses, and plate filters. These equipment can meet the most basic processing needs. Roaster can adjust the moisture and temperature of raw materials to achieve the most suitable pressing state, greatly improving the oil yield. The oil press adopts a circular discharge oil press, which is more wear-resistant in design, has a longer service life, and is not easily damaged. The residual oil rate is about 6% - 7%. After obtaining the crude oil. In order to further improve the quality of edible oil storage time. We also added filtration equipment after the pressing section. Filtering through a filter cloth not only removes fine impurities in the edible oil, but also absorbs water from the crude oil.

sunflower oil processing plants.jpgSmall scale sunflower oil processing plants

If the budget is sufficient, we will also configure cleaning equipment and crushing equipment before cooking raw materials. Cleaning the equipment and removing impurities from the raw materials through vibration screening not only make the raw materials cleaner, but also prevent impurities from entering the subsequent equipment, causing damage to the equipment. The crushing equipment removes part of the sunflower seed shell and crushes the sunflower seed kernel by peeling and crushing the raw material. This can increase the contact area between the oil press and the oil, further improving the oil yield.

sunflower oil processing plants.jpgComplete sunflower oil processing plants

If you are interested in the construction of sunflower oil processing plant, you can contact us at any time. We not only have sunflower oil processing machine, but also sunflower oil refining machine, sunflower oil dewaxing machine, and other equipment. And we have a professional team of engineers who can provide customized solutions based on your budget and needs.

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