What are the different types of sunflower oil production machine?

According to the size of the processing capacity, sunflower oil production machine can be divided into three different types, namely, small sunflower oil production machine, which are suitable for family workshops, etc., medium-sized sunflower oil production machine, which are suitable for novices with limited budgets, and large-scale sunflower oil production machine is suitable for customers who have sufficient budget and want to make more profits.

First of all, for small sunflower oil production machine with a processing capacity of 1-10 tons per day, we have three types of oil presses to choose from:

sunflower oil production machine.jpgThree types of sunflower oil production machine

1. Screw oil press: This machine has only one oil press machine. It does not have an oil heating function. More suitable for cold pressing. It has the characteristics of small investment, high oil yield and easy operation.

2. Automatic temperature control oil press: this oil press has its own temperature control system, which can automatically adjust the temperature of the oil, and has the characteristics of higher oil yield, higher pressure, low residual oil rate, and low power consumption.

3. Automatic temperature control combination oil press, which integrates the functions of roaster, oil press and filter into one. It has the functions of heating, pressurizing, filtering, etc. It is relatively advanced and has a large production capacity. , efficient operation and other characteristics.

Secondly, there are two options for the production capacity of 5-20 tons: one is a screw oil press, and the other is a small sunflower oil production line, which includes pretreatment equipment, oil presses and filters. Sunflower oils out very well after pretreatment.

sunflower oil production machine.pngComplete sunflower oil production machine

Finally, large-scale sunflower oil production machine with more than 20 tons and economical permits can be considered: pretreatment equipment, solvent extraction equipment and edible oil refining equipment. The residual oil rate of our solvent extraction method can reach 1%, which can maximize the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds.

sunflower oil production machine.jpgLarge-scale sunflower oil production machine

Our equipment can be adjusted to varying degrees according to customer requirements until customer satisfaction is achieved. If you are interested in sunflower oil production machine, you can contact us at any time, we will provide you with the best service and quality.

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