What is the cost of sunflower oil processing plant?

The cost of sunflower oil processing plant depends on many factors, such as machines cost, land cost, labor cost, material cost and other aspects. Henan Glory as a professional R&D and manufacturer of sunflower oil processing plants, we can provide you with the following information for your reference:

1. The cost of sunflower oil processing plant

Sunflower oil is produced in two ways, physical pressing and chemical extraction. (The machine configurations in the following programs are not fixed, you can choose according to your own needs.)

1.1 Physical pressing

There are three programs for sunflower oil processing plant you can choose from. The cost is about usd 5,000-180,000.

• If the process capacity is below 5 tons per day, cooker, sunflower oil press and filter is fine, the cost is about usd 5000-12500.

Small scale sunflower oil processing plants.jpgSmall scale sunflower oil processing plants

• If the process capacity is 5-10 tons per day, first of all, we can use cleaning equipment to remove impurities in sunflower seeds to ensure the quality of oil and the service life of equipment; Secondly, using the sheller to separate the kernels of sunflower seeds, sunflower seed shell will reduce the rate of oil. The next step is to use a cooker to adjust the temperature and humidity of sunflower seeds, so that the best conditions for pressing sunflower seeds; After completing the above steps, you can use the oil press to get sunflower oil; Finally, use a filter to remove water and impurities in the oil. The cost of sunflower oil processing plant is about usd13000-65000.

sunflower oil processing plants.jpg5-10t/d sunflower oil processing plants

• If the processing capacity is 20-100 tons per day, adding softening pots, embryo presses and other machines on the basis of the second program, which can make it easier for sunflower seeds to be pressed out of oil and increase the oil yield. The cost is usd 65,000-18,0000.

sunflower oil processing plant.jpg20-100t/d sunflower oil processing plant

1.2 Chemical solvent extraction

If the processing capacity is more than 20 tons per day, it is recommended to use chemical solvent extraction. The residual oil rate of this sunflower oil processing plant is less than 1%, so more sunflower oil and profits can be obtained. At the same time, the cost of chemical solvent extraction sunflower oil processing plant may be higher than that of physical pressing.

The production of sunflower seed oil by solvent chemical solvent extraction method needs cleaning equipment, sheller, flaking roll, cooker, etc.. Then, use a pre-press to get sunflower oil and sunflower cake. Next, solvent extraction and refining are required. The cost of solvent chemical extraction has a huge range, it's about usd 10000-700000.

sunflower oil processing plants.jpgThe chemical solvent extraction sunflower oil processing plants

2. The land/labor/material cost

Land and labor costs mainly depend on which sunflower oil processing plant program you choose. Generally speaking, the greater the processing capacity, the larger the area and the higher the cost. Labor costs are related to the degree of automation of the sunflower oil processing plant. The above-mentioned solutions have different degrees of automation. If you want to know more details, you can contact us online. The cost of materials mainly refers to the purchase cost of sunflower seeds. It is recommended to conduct local market research first and select a supplier with a suitable price.

In addition to the above, there are many other costs, such as maintenance and operating costs, energy costs, insurance costs, etc. If you plan to enter this industry, you may wish to contact us. Glory is a sunflower oil processing plant manufacturer that has been developing for many years. Our project managers have helped customers in many countries successfully establish sunflower oil plants and can provide you with one-on-one costs/profit analysis and provide professional advice.

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