What is the amount of sunflower seeds required to produce 1 ton sunflower seed oil?

How many sunflower seeds are needed for 1 ton sunflower seed oil? I can't give you an exact number, because depending on the extraction method of sunflower seed oil, the sunflower seeds needed for 1 ton of sunflower seed oil are also different, if you want to know more information, please read on.

The oil rate of sunflower seeds is about 45% normally we have two methods to extract sunflower seed oil, the one is extract sunflower seed oil by oil press machine, this method have oil residual rate about 6% so if you want get 1 ton sunflower seed oil you need process 2.5 tons sunflower seeds. The another method is solvent extraction method, that is use the N-hexane to extraction oil from sunflower seeds, the oil residual rate only less 1%, so using this method if you want get 1 ton sunflower seed oil you only need process 2.2 tons sunflower seeds.

As for the first method, normally capacity from 1-20 tons per day can consider single screw cooking oil press machine, is easy to operate and suits for new beginner with smaller scale. This one can not only press sunflower seeds also peanut, coconut, cotton seeds, soybean and so on oil seeds.

Sunflower seed oil press machine photo.jpgSunflower seed oil press machine photo

The capacity more than 20 tons per day to 600 tons and bigger can consider sunflower seed oil production line. For the production line to extract sunflower seed oil normally include cleaning machine, sheller, shell separator, cooker, pressing machine and filter. Our engineer will customized project depend on different requirements from different customers. And our experienced engineers in the oil industry who can provide technical support to customers at any time.

Sunflower seed oil production line.jpgSunflower seed oil production line

If your processing capacity is 10-500tpd, it is recommended that you choose cooking oil solvent extraction machine to extract sunflower seed oil. The residual oil rate of the solvent extraction method is lower, which can help you save costs and gain more profits. It should be noted that the crude cooking oil after solvent extraction must be refined before it can be eaten.

Sunflower seed oil solvent extraction machine photo.jpgSunflower seed oil solvent extraction machine photo

The following is the process flow of solvent extraction:

The solvent extraction method , mainly includes four sections. The solvent extraction section uses n-hexane to fully mix with the oil in the extractor to extract the oil from the oil seeds. The second section is the evaporation and stripping of the solvent, which is mainly used in the pre-evaporator , the direct evaporator and the stripper fully separate the solvent from the oil. The third section is desolventizing and roasting the meal-mainly using the DTDC to separate the solvent from the meal, which is convenient for solvent recycling. The last section is the recovery of solvent, mainly should be the condenser, and the water distribution tank will recover the solvent.

No matter what your processing capacity is, we can provide you with corresponding sunflower seed oil processing machine. If you want to get higher quality sunflower seed oil, we have different types of cooking oil refining machine for you to choose. Why are you still hesitating, come to contact us to get the latest quotation!

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