Automatic sunflower oil filling machine has loaded and ready to deliver to Uzbekistan

sunflower oil filling machineThe blow moulding machine has been packed and ready to load

Our customer from Uzbekistan want to improve the efficient of his sunflower oil production line, so bought a set of sunflower oil filling line from Henan Doing Company.

This customer's sunflower oil refinery plant is built in last year, which is also bought from Henan Doing Company. Sunflower oil refienry plant refines the crude sunflower oil that extract from pressing plant, and the refined sunflower oil can be sold at a higher price.

sunflower oil filling machineLoading the machines of whole sunflower oil filling line in containers

The whole line of this automatic sunflower oil filling line contains blow moulding machine, unscrambler, filling machine, screw cap machine and labeling machine. The whole line is automatic, and if there is not bottles, filling process won't begin.

Henan Doing Company manufacture the whole sunflower oil production line, from sunflower seeds pretreatment to sunflower oil filling. If you want to set up a sunflower oil production plant, choose Henan Doing Company. Please leave your contact information below.

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