Sunflower oil extraction machine manufacturing technology seminar

On June 10th, our Factory Director Mr. Tao held a seminar about sunflower oil extraction machine manufacturing technology with our engineers team. Because with the development of Henan Doing Company, we receive more and more orders from customers. And a lot of them are sunflower oil production line projects. So improve the manufacturing technology of our workers are necessary.

doing companyFactory Director Mr. Tao held a manufacturing technology seminar with our engineers team

In order to make sure the higher quality of our sunflower oil extraction machines, Mr. Tao confirm the manufacturing technology requirement of each machines in sunflower oil production line again with engineers. And he decided to train the manufacturing technology of workers once a week, to improve their capacity.

As a professional sunflower oil extraction machine manufacturer, Henan Doing Company has been pursuing the development of manufacturing technology, so that we can make sure that our sunflower oil extraction machines are with high quality and obtain our customers' approval.

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