Sunflower oil production business in Tanzania is blooming

Sunflower oil production business in Tanzania is blooming. If you want to start the sunflower oil production bussiness in Tanzania, now is the best time. Here, I will tell you the reason. Please continue reading.

1. There are plenty of raw materials(oil sunflower seeds) in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the main countries producing oil sunflower seeds for processing edible cooking oil in the world, and every year in Tanzania, the total output of oil sunflower seeds is around 350 thousand tons, which can produce about 90 thousand tons of sunflower oil.

sunflower seeds production in tanzaniaThe sunflower plantation in Tanzania

Sunflowers are grown all over Tanzania, but most people are small-scale farmers. You can buy the oil sunflower seeds from these farmers by low price. Or build a sunflower oil production plant in Dodoma region in the central, because it is a major zone producing oil sunflower seeds, accounting for over 20 percent of national production. 

2. The government of Tanzania supports the development of the cooking oil industry

Cooking oil industry, agricultural product processing industry and textile industry are all the main point to develop by the government of Tanzania. If you want to set up a sunflower oil production plant, the government of Tanzania will help you loan the mony or give some preferential policies for you. All in all, now is the best time to start the sunflower oil production business.

sunflower oil production plantThe sunflower oil production machine manufactured by DOING Company

At last, I want to tell you you had better choose a professional sunflower oil production machine manufacturer. Bad quality machines will waste your money and time. Henan Doing Company have finished many sunflower oil production plant projects in different countries, and can provide 5-2000tpd sunflower oil production plant for you. Welcome to contact us!

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