How to get the details of groundnut soybean and sunflower oil mill plant?

Peanuts, soybeans and sunflower seeds are the main oil crops in the world, and the global market demand for their refined oil is very large. At present, there is even a shortage of supply in the market, which leads to a rise in the price of cooking oil. Therefore, it is a very good choice to invest in the construction of cooking oil mill plants at this time.

For small-scale cooking oil mill plants (for example, the daily processing capacity is less than 10 tons), the production process of peanuts, soybeans, and sunflower seeds is similar, we can consider choosing roaster, oil presses and plate and frame filtering equipment. The roaster is used to change the temperature and humidity of the oil to achieve the best oil seed state which can get more oil. The oil press is the core equipment of the cooking oil mill plant, mainly for the extraction of oil. The plate and frame filter equipment mainly filters the solid impurities in the oil, so that the oil becomes cleaner.

Small-scale cooking oil mill plantsSmall-scale cooking oil mill plants

For large-scale cooking oil mill plants. There are certain differences between peanuts and sunflower seeds, which have more oil content, and soybeans, which have less oil content. The production of peanut and sunflower oil can be mainly divided into three sections, one is the pre-press section, the oilseeds are pre-pressed, and while a part of the crude oil is obtained, the oil content in the oilseeds is reduced to obtain oil cakes. The oil cake will enter the solvent extraction section, and after solvent extraction, more than 99% crude oil can be obtained. Finally, the crude oil obtained from the pre-pressing and solvent extraction sections enters the refining stage to obtain refined oil that can be directly sold to supermarkets.(Recommend reading: Sunflower oil production line)

Large-scale cooking oil mill plantLarge-scale cooking oil mill plant

For the production of soybean oil, due to the low oil content of soybeans, in order to obtain more soybean oil, the solvent extraction process is mainly used. Soybeans can be more fully contacted with the solvent to obtain more soybean oil. After solvent extraction, crude soybean oil will enter the refining stage for refining to obtain refined oil.

Soybean oil solvent extraction machineSoybean oil solvent extraction machine

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