Why does sunflower oil need dewaxing?

In sunflower oil and rice bran oil, there are high content of wax, which influence the quality and flavour of refined sunflower oil, so sunflower oil need dewaxing. Sunflower oil dewaxing technology, also called winterization, is typically used in sunflower oil refinery plant. The clarity and brightness of dewaxed sunflower oil are both qualified the standards, can be sold in supermarket.

sunflower oil dewaxing machineSunflower oil dewaxing machine and dewaxing process flow chart

Here, I will briefly introduce sunflower oil dewaxing process.

1. Before dewaxing, crude sunflower oil must be refined in sunflower oil refinery plant, then the refined sunflower oil is pumped into crystallization tanks.

2. First, the refined sunflower oil is heated to 55˚C, to make sure that all the crystal in sunflower oil are broken.

3. Then the sunflower oil is cooled slowly to 7–8˚C. In cooling process, new crystal come into being gradually. This process will sustain for 12-24h.

4. At last, sunflower oil is pumped into filter machine to separate the wax and sunflower oil. 

The above is the introduction of sunflower oil dewaxing process. If sunflower oil is not dewaxed, the presence of wax makes the oil appear cloudy at room temperature. But after dewaxing, the sunflower oil remains clear after 24h of storage at 0˚C.

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