What is the difference between crude and refined sunflower oil?

To know the difference between crude and refined sunflower oil, you must learn about sunflower oil production process and the purpose of sunflower oil refining process.

sunflower oil extraction processRefined sunflower oil making process flow chart

Sunflower oil is one kind of the most common edible oil on the market. Like the above picture, there are two ways to get crude sunflower oil: pressing and solvent extraction. No matter which method is used to get sunflower oil, which is called crude sunflower oil.

Crude sunflower oil includes all the impurities from the pressing process or solvent extraction process, and the pigments, bad smell, wax conent, etc. These are the things that will influence the quality of sunflower oil. What's more, crude sunflower oil is forbidden to sell on the market. So, if you want to get high quality of sunflower oil, you must to sent crude sunflower oil into sunflower oil refinery plant.

sunflower oil refining machine1-5TPD mini sunflower oil refinery plant 3D model picture

In sunflower oil refinery plant, crude sunflower oil is settled, filtrated then through degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and dewaxing five stages to absorbing substance to clarify the product. All these stages are for obtaining higher quality of sunflower oil.

The difference between crude and refined sunflower oil in using and storing:

Refined sunflower oil has light and transparent color and does not spume, burn or scale while heating up. Crude sunflower oil has a strong odor, flavor, darker color and if does not used for a long time, the sediments will appear. And you can’t use this oil for cooking or frying because of forming harmful for human health carcinogen.

Refined sunflower oil's keeping time is quite long and there are no special demands for storage. Crude sunflower oil's storage is not so long as refined sunflower oil has and you should keep it in a glassware in a dark, cold place.

The above introduce the difference between crude and refined sunflower oil in production, using and storing. Any question, welcome to ask! Henan Doing Company has professional engineers to help you build your own sunflower oil production plant.

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