Sunflower seed oil production manufacturing process analysis and sunflower oil processing flow chart

Sunflower seed oil production contains the following manufacturing processes: 1. Sunflower seeds cleaning, dehulling, flaking, cooking, pressing; 2. Using solvent to extract crude sunflower oil from sunflower seeds; 3. Refining the crude sunflower oil into refined sunflower oil; 4. Sunflower oil packing and filling. Next, I will explain it for you one by one.

Sunflower oil processing flow chart:

sunflower oil processing flow chartSunflower seed oil production manufacturing process flow chart

Sunflower seeds pretreatment and oil pressing plant:

sunflower oil processing machineMachines used in sunflower seeds pretreatment and oil pressing plant

1. Use magnetic drum, vibrating sieve and destoner to remove the impurities from sunflower seeds to make sunflower seeds more clean, which will prevent the following machines from damage..

2. Use such machine to remove the shells of sunflower seeds, and then separate the sunflower nuts and sunflower seeds shells.

3. Sunflower seeds flaker and cooking machine to change the inner structure and temperature of sunflower seeds to make the pressing section more easily.

4. Use sunflower oil pre-pressing machine to obtain a part of sunflower oil form sunflower seeds.

Sunflower oil solvent extraction plant:

sunflower oil extraction machineMachines used in sunflower oil solvent extraction plant

1. Sunflower cakes are sent into extractor, then soaked in solvent, at last the mixed oil will flow out of the extractor.

2. The wet sunflower seeds meal are sent into D.T.D.C, through desolventizing,toasting, drying, cooling four steps, at last we can get dry sunflower seeds meal that only contains less than 1% oil residual.

3. The mixed oil is pumped into mixed oil evaperation system. Through two times evaporating and one time stripping, the solvent will be separated from crude sunflower oil.

4. The solvent flowed from D.T.D.C system and mixed oil evaperation system will be cooled and recycled.

Sunflower oil refinery plant:

sunflower oil refining machineMachines used in large scale sunflower oil refinery plant

Sunflower oil refinery plant has three types, and their processes are different. If you want to know the details, please read the following passages.

a. batch type sunflower oil refining machine

b. semi-continuous sunflower oil refinery plant

c. full-continuous sunflower oil refinery plant

I believe that you have a more clear understanding about sunflower seed oil production manufacturing process after reading this article. If you still have something confused, leave your questions and information, and the engineers of Doing Company will answer you.

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