What is refined sunflower oil?how to make refined sunflower oil?

Refined sunflower oil is a kind of sunflower oil, which can reach the first grade oil standard and be allowed to sell in supermarket, after processed by sunflower oil refinery plant.

Whether the sunflower oil is through sunflower oil pressing plant or sunflower oil solvent extraction plant to be extracted, are both called crude sunflower oil. And then the crude sunflower oil turns into refined sunflower oil after a series of edible oil refining process to remove impurities, pigments, odors, etc.

refined sunflower oilRefined sunflower oil

In sunflower oil refining process, crude sunflower oil is first degummed, that is, the gelatinous substances such as phospholipids and proteins in the oil are removed to obtain degummed sunflower oil.

Since the acidic substance has a great influence on the sunflower oil, it not only affects the taste of the sunflower oil, but also affects the quality of the sunflower oil. Therefore, deacidification is also an indispensable step in refining process of sunflower oil. According to edible oil standards, the acid price index is one of the most important indicators for measuring edible oil quality.

After degumming and deacidification, it is also subjected to decolorization with white clay and high temperature deodorization. In the deodorization process, the sunflower oil is heated to above 230 ° C, reducing the peroxide value of the sunflower oil to ensure the quality of the sunflower oil. At the same time, in the deodorization process, a small amount of pigment and free fatty acid are also able to be removed.

sunflower oil refining machineMachines used to make refined sunflower oil

The final step of making refined sunflower oil is the dewaxing process of sunflower oil. Sunflower oil has a high wax content and the presence of wax affects the taste of sunflower oil. If you want to produe high quality refined sunflower oil, the dewaxing process is necessary. The process of sunflower oil dewaxing: first heating, then cooling the crystallization, and finally filtering.

After the dewaxing process, the refined sunflower oil is basically completed its refining process.

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