Where can I buy complete sunflower oil processing machine?

Sunflower oil occupies an important position in the production and consumption of vegetable oils in the world. Among all oil and fat varieties in the world, sunflower oil is second only to palm oil in production. As a result, more and more manufacturers are looking to get into the sunflower oil business. Many friends will ask how and where to buy sunflower oil processing machine. Today I will give you a brief introduction.

First of all, if your region or country has local sunflower oil processing machine, you can choose to buy sunflower oil processing machine locally. Secondly, you can choose to buy sunflower oil processing machine from abroad, you can browse the website of Henan Glory Company (www.cookingoilmillmachinery.com) or contact us through our whatsapp (+86 13526627860), Henan Glory Company can provide technologically advanced High quality sunflower oil processing machine.

Sunflower oil processing machine photoSunflower oil processing machine photo

Next, I will introduce you the sunflower oil production process and the complete sunflower oil processing machine:

Sunflower oil production process:

Sunflower oil production process photoSunflower oil production process photo

Sunflower seeds → washing → crushing → kernel shell separation → flaking → cooking → pressing → filtering → crude oil

Sunflower seeds preparation & oil pressing machine: conveyor, cleaning machines, cracker, kernel shell separator, flaking machine, cooker, oil press, filter, crude oil temporary storage tank, etc.

Sunflower oil solvent extraction process:

Sunflower oil solvent extraction process photoSunflower oil solvent extraction process photo

Sunflower solvent extraction → solvent extraction meal evaporation to dryness, cooling → miscella evaporation → miscella stripping → solvent recovery.

Sunflower oil solvent extraction machine: extractor, stripper, D.T.D.C. system, condenser, etc.

Sunflower oil refining process:

Sunflower oil refining process photoSunflower oil refining process photo

Crude oil → degumming → alkali refining → decolorization → deodorization → refined oil

Sunflower oil refining machine: refining tank, decolorization tank, deodorization tank, heat conduction oil furnace, filter, etc.

The above is the introduction of the complete sunflower oil processing machine. If you want to engage in sunflower oil production business and do not know where to buy sunflower oil processing machine, please feel free to contact Henan Glory Company, we can according to your actual needs and The output is customized for you, and free quotation and production plans are provided.


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