What machines do I need to build a mini sunflower oil mill plant?

To build a mini sunflower oil mill plant, generally the machines are not too many. Two sets of or three sets of machines are enough. The first kind needs cooking machine and integrated oil presser, and the second kind needs cooking machine, screw oil presser and plate filter. If you want to get refined sunflower oil to sell, you also need mini sunflower oil refining machine.

Normally, the input capacity is below 5 tons per day, our engineer will recommend you to choose the first kind. Cooking machine can adjust the temperature and moisture of the sunflower seeds, and improve the oil yield when pressing. The integrated oil presser is with two vacuum filter bucket, so it needn't buy plate filter.

mini sunflower oil mill plantCooking machine and integrated oil presser for mini sunflower oil mill plant

If your input capacity is 5-10 tons per day or more, the second kind will be more suitable for you. Because it can be designed into a small processing line according to your requirement. Except for the three machines referred to above, you can also equip cleaning machine, husking machine, flaking machine and conveyors, etc. These machine can be added to get better effect if your budget is enough. Or, when you have made more profits and want to expand your mini sunflower oil mill plant, you can add other machines to make up a complete processing line.

mini sunflower oil mill plantThe machines needed for more than 5tpd sunflower oil mill plant

In addition, the mini sunflower oil refining machine is also very popular among customers. It belongs to batch type oil refining machine, using chemical refining technology. Though it is simple and low cost, the refined sunflower oil can be reached the Grade 1 class. And it can not only refine crude sunflower oil, but also refine crude soybean oil, groundnut oil, rapeseed oil, rice bran oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, etc.

mini sunflower oil refining machineMini sunflower oil refining machine of Henan Doing Company

Why do many customers want to build mini sunflower oil mill plant?

1. Mini sunflower oil mill plant is very easy to install, operate and maintains.

2. It requires lowest investment, and it can help you gain profits quickly.

3. These machines only needs small workshop area and several operators.

4. It can also be customized into larger input capacity based on your budget and requirement.

5. It can be widely used to process other vegetable oils, such as groundnut, soybean, cottonseed, rapeseed, etc.

After learn about these detailed introduction, whether you plan to buy? Mini sunflower oil mill plant has many cost-effective features. The sooner you start, the more profit will you make. Welcome to send your requirement to us! Our sales will reply you within 24 hours.

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