Is it profitable to start a sunflower oil processing business in Kenya?

In Kenya, sunflower oil processing business is very popular, whether it is a novice in sunflower oil processing business, or a veteran of sunflower oil processing business, they all get a lot of profits from sunflower oil processing business, and I will analyze for you why sunflower oil processing business in Kenya can get rich profits.

Sunflower oil processing business in KenyaSunflower oil processing business in Kenya

1. Kenya has a wealth of raw materials (oil sunflower seeds)

With the development of hybrid varieties and oil-based sunflower seeds, Kenyan sunflower seed production has grown rapidly, becoming one of the fastest growing varieties of emerging oil crops in the world. In addition, the short harvest period of sunflowers means that farmers can plant up to four times a year. Therefore, starting sunflower oil processing business in Kenya, you will have a stable supply of raw materials.

2. Sunflower oil market prospects are broad

Since sunflower oil is a non-genetically modified (GM) vegetable oil, sunflower oil has always been a high-priced oil in many import markets. In a typical year, sunflower oil accounts for 12% of global edible oil consumption and 9% of total vegetable oil consumption, including biofuels and other industrial uses. Sunflower oil is highly priced and in high demand, making it the perfect choice for edible oil production.

Sunflower seed oil market data analysis Sunflower oil market data analysis

3. The Kenyan government supports the development of the cooking oil industry

Cooking oil industry, agricultural product processing industry are all the main point to develop by the government of Kenya. If you want to set up a sunflower oil processing plant, the government of Kenya will give some preferential policies for you. Besides, the Kenya government in collaboration with other units is trying to help the farmers to uplift their household businesses through implementations of agricultural projects. To increase the supply of sunflower seed oil, the Kenya government will help a some of palm oil production investors to set up sunflower oil mill plant pilot project. All in all, now is the best time to start the sunflower oil processing business.

4. High quality sunflower oil processing equipment

As a professional manufacturer of cooking oil processing machinery, Henan Glory Company has an independent design and development team, rich experience in cooking oil factory projects at home and abroad, and can develop and produce sunflower oil processing equipment. If you want to start a sunflower oil production business in Kenya, please feel free to contact us, we provide you with high quality sunflower oil processing equipment at factory price.

Sunflower oil processing machine photoSunflower oil processing machine photo

Through the above reading, you can understand that Kenya can be very profitable to start a sunflower oil production business. What are you still hesitating about? Contact us now!

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