Why does sunflower seed oil need to be dewaxed?

Sunflower seed oil is one of the most commonly used cooking oils in the world, and many factories choose refining processes to improve the quality of sunflower seed oil and gain more profits. But many friends do not know how much impact dewaxing process on sunflower seed oil products, if you want to get more benefits in sunflower seed oil, dewaxing is essential.(Recommend reading:1-20TPD batch type sunflower oil refinery plant)

Sunflower seed oil dewaxing to get more benefitsSunflower seed oil dewaxing to get more benefits

Sunflower seed oil dewaxing process is to use sunflower seed oil dewaxing equipment to remove the wax in sunflower seed oil and obtain high quality sunflower seed oil. Generally, the content of wax in sunflower seed oil is about 0.06%-0.2%. These waxes not only affect the transparency and taste of sunflower seed oil, but also produce odor during cooking, which affects human health. Therefore, dewaxing sunflower seed oil is an important step in sunflower seed oil production. After dewaxing, the wax in sunflower seed oil is removed, and the value of sunflower seed oil increases accordingly. Therefore, most customers choose to dewax crude sunflower seed oil.

Sunflower seed oil dewaxing machineSunflower seed oil dewaxing machine

Sunflower seed oil to be dewaxed is usually stored in a jar at a temperature of less than 30°C. At this temperature, part of the wax in the oil will crystallize and condense into grains. If crystallization are carried out directly, the precipitation and crystallization effect of wax in the process of dewaxing will be affected. Therefore, the sunflower seed oil must be heated first to dissolve the wax precipitated from the oil. Then through the heat exchanger to reduce the oil temperature, the crude oil into the crystallization tank.

Crystallization tankCrystallization tank

The sunflower seed oil in the crystallizer is cooled by cold water coils. In order to make the precipitated wax agglomerate and cool sunflower seed oil evenly, it is necessary to stir appropriately, but the stirring speed should not be too fast, 10-15r/min is appropriate.

Sunflower seed oil cooled to the specified temperature, stop stirring, keep for a period of time, so that the uncrystallized wax continues to crystallize, small grains continue to grow. This process is crystal growth with a time period of 12-16h.

The crystallized sunflower seed oil is filtered through a plate filter to separate the sunflower seed oil from the wax, thereby removing the wax in sunflower seed oil. The filtered sunflower seed oil are pumped into the plate heat exchanger to exchange heat with the unwaxed oil, and then stored in the warehouse to obtain the finished oil.

Plate filter-separate the sunflower seed oil from the waxPlate filter-separate the sunflower seed oil from the wax

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a general understanding of the reasons for sunflower seed oil dewaxing. If you want to make more profits by refining sunflower seed oil, Henan Glory Company can provide you with sunflower seed oil processing machine, sunflower seed oil refining machine, sunflower seed oil filling machine, etc., welcome to inquire.

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