How is sunflower oil processed? What is the processing features?

sunflower oil processing machineTwo method of sunflower oil processing

Usually, there are two methods of sunflower oil processing used in sunflower oil production factory. One is sunflower oil pressing method, and the other is sunflower oil solvent extraction method. The later one has higher oil yield and lower oil residual. Next, I will simply introduce how sunflower oil is processed.

sunflower oil processing machineThe machines for sunflower oil processing

Firstly, the straw, stones and other impurities need removing by a series cleaning equipment in case these impurities damage the equimpment in the later process.

Secondly, you should know the shells influence the final oil yield, so husking is necessary. The husking process is finished by husking machine, and then the sunflower seeds and shells are separated by another machine.

Thirdly, the sunflower seeds will be changed in the shape, temperature, humidty through several machines processing, ready to be sent into sunflower oil press machine or solvent extractor.

The sunflower oil press machine uses physical extrusion method, while the solvent extraction plant uses solvent to extract sunflower oil from sunflower seeds cakes.

sunflower oil refining machineBatch type sunflower oil refinery plant

Because the high wax content in sunflower oil, whichever method you use, the sunflower oil should be refined and dewaxed.

In a word, sunflower oil is very popular among people. Sunflower oil processing industry is also blooming. Henan Doing Company is waiting for cooperate with you. Welcom to contact us!

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