Why does sunflower oil need refining?

Many people don't know whether sunflower oil need refining or not. In fact, the sunflower oil you got from whether sunflower oil pressing plant or oil solvent extraction plant are both crude sunflower oil, in which there are many impurities and unhealthy substances, which makes the crude sunflower oil can not fulfill the standard of nation. So if you want to sell the sunflower oil on market, the crude sunflower oil need refining definitely.

sunflower oil refining processThe purpose of sunflower oil refining

And the refined sunflower oil is more healthy, the storage time is longer and sale market is more.

Actually, the purpose of sunflower oil refining is to remove unhealthy substances, preserve biological property of sunflower oil and to retain or extract useful substances. So sunflower oil refining process won't destroy the nutrients in sunflower oil and is more conducive to the human body to absorb nutrients in the sunflower oil.

The crude sunflower oil is easily oxidized, and cannot be stored for a long time. But after refining, sunflower oil can be stored for a long time, no oxidation, no precipitation, and clear and transparent. Refined sunflower oil can be sold in supermarket, with higher price than crude sunflower oil, so you can get more profits.

However, how is the crude sunflower oil refined? What substance will be removed in sunflower oil refining process? Sunflower oil refining process has five steps in total, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and dewaxing. Every step will remove one kind or several kind of substance from crude sunflower oil.

sunflower oil refining process flow chartSunflower oil refining process flow chart

Degumming section removes the colloidal impurities, deacidification section removes free fatty acid, decolorization section removes pigment molecules, deodorization section can remove bad smell and part of free fatty acid and the last part dewaxing section removes wax content in crude sunflower oil.

Now, you must know why the sunflower needs refining. This is just brief introduction. If you want to know more professional information about sunflower oil refining process, please contact Henan Doing Company. Our engineers will help you.

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