How to purify sunflower cooking oil? What machines are needed?

The crude sunflower cooking oil contains some impurities, which will affect the product quality, storage time, and market value. Therefore, these impurities must be removed to purify sunflower cooking oil. The sunflower cooking oil purification process mainly includes five steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deordorization, dewaxing.

sunflower oil purifying process Sunflower cooking oil purification process

1.Degumming: colloidal impurity will affect the stability of sunflower cooking oil and it can be removed by adding a certain amount phosphoric acid solution, which can make the colloidal impurity absorb water for cohesion.

2.Deacidification: it is used to remove the free fatty acid in the sunflower cooking oil.There are chemical way and physical way to choose from. Chemical deacidification is carried out by adding lye; physical deacidification is carried out by pumped into high-temperature water vapor.

3.Decolorization: In this section, white clay is usually added to sunflower cooking oil and the adsorption of white clay will remove the pigment in the oil.

4.Deordorization: After bumping high temperature water vapor, odor substances can be removed by virtue of volatility difference, so as to improve the quality and flavor of sunflower cooking oil.

5.Dewaxing: The wax in sunflower cooking oil affects the flavor and taste of the oil, so it requires dewaxing operation. At present, the commonly used dewaxing method is freezing crystallization method.

After the above five purification steps, we can obtain sunflower cooking oil that meets national standards and can be sold on the market.

In sunflower cooking oil purification process, there are mainly three types sunflower cooking oil purifying machine can be chose: batch type purifying machine, semi-continuous type purifying machine and full continuous type purifying machine. Henan Glory Company’s professional engineers suggest you to select sunflower cooking oil purifying machine according to processing capacity and investment budget.

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sunflower oil refining machine Three different types of sunflower oil purication equipment

Henan Glory Company has 10+ years of experience in manufacturing and installing cooking oil purifying machine, which can meet different sunflower cooking oil purification needs. If you are interested, welcome to contact us, our professional team of engineers can customize the best sunflower cooking oil purifying machine and processing solutions for you!

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