The difference between sunflower oil expeller and palm oil expeller

Palm oil and sunflower oil are among the top five vegetable oils in terms of consumption and production in the world. But there are differences in both the extraction methods and the machines used. Today we mainly from the oil press difference aspect of this matter. So what's the difference between a sunflower oil expeller and a palm oil expeller?

Sunflower oil expeller and a palm oil expeller.jpgSunflower oil expeller and a palm oil expeller

First, there is the type aspect. Sunflower oil expeller can provide more types, we have hydraulic oil expeller, automatic temperature control oil expeller, and the type with filter function or simple screw oil expeller. The palm oil press is usually a single screw palm oil expeller or double screw palm oil expeller.

Second, the difference between pressing raw materials. Because of the special nature of palm fruit, it needs to be sterilized and digesting before pressing, so usually palm oil expeller can only be used to press palm fruit. And sunflower oil expeller as a conventional oil press, can press such as peanuts, soybeans, sesame, rapeseed and other raw materials.

Sunflower oil expeller can press various oilseeds.jpgSunflower oil expeller can press various oilseeds

Third, there are structural differences. The structure of palm oil expeller is usually the main engine plus power part or the main engine part, gear box, power part and hydraulic drive. During the palm oil pressing process, the integrity of the palm kernel can be preserved. And sunflower oil expeller, due to the variety of types, so the structure according to the function and type will be different. What they have in common, however, is high efficiency and low residual oil.

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