What is expeller pressed sunflower oil? Good or bad?

On the label of some sunflower oil, you can see the term “expeller-pressed”. At that time, maybe you have a question-what is expeller pressed sunflower oil? Is it good or bad?

expeller pressed sunflower oilExpeller pressed sunflower oil

First of all, if you see that term “expeller-pressed” on the label of sunflower oil, it means it’s a good oil and worth to buy. Expeller-pressed is a method to make sunflower oil, which means sunflower oil is squeezed out of sunflower seeds only through physical extrusion method, and then remove some impurities, etc. Such method prevents high temperatures from damaging the nutrients in sunflower oil and retains more nutrients in sunflower oil.

sunflower oil expellerSunflower oil expeller machine

In sunflower oil production industry, there are two methods commonly used. One is expeller pressing method and the other is solvent extraction. Generally speaking, on the lable of sunflower oil, if there isn't “expeller-pressed”, it proves that the sunflower oil is extracted by solvent extraction method. The expeller pressing method generally captures around 65% of the sunflower oil. Admittedly, create a lot of waste. Solvent extraction method can captures around 99% of the sunflower oil.

sunflower oil solvent extraction machineSunflower oil solvent extraction plant

If you want to know the details sunflower oil production process methods, you can read the following article:

sunflower oil pressing plant

sunflower oil solvent extraction plant

After reading, you will understand two methods have different benifites. But no matter what method is used, the sunflower oil should be refined and then sold in supermarkets. 

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