What machines are used in the sunflower oil production process?

Generally, sunflower oil production process mainly includes the following 5 steps: cleaning, husking, flaking, cooking, pressing and maybe filtering. Therefore, there will be 5 machines need to be equipped: cleaning machine, husking machine, flaking machine, cooking machine,husking machine, pressing machine filtering machine. Next, I will introduce you the sunflower oil processing steps in view of the sunflower oil production process flow accordingly.


Because the sunflower seed raw materials purchased from the farm or the local market may contain impurities such as soil, rope, leaves, etc., it needs to be cleaned first to obtain clean oil seeds before further processing. This step requires 3 cleaning machines: vibrating screen, destoner and magnetic separator.

cleaning machines in the cooking oil making processCleaning machines( vibrating screen, destoner and magnetic sepator)


After getting clean raw materials, because the shell of sunflower seeds does not contain oil and if pressed with shells, it is likely to absorb some of the sunflower oil and increase the residual oil rate. Therefore, it is better to shell it first, and then to proceed to the following pressing treatment after obtaining the sunflower seed kernels. The equipment used here is a sunflower seeds sheller and a shell separating screen.


Immediately afterwards, the sunflower seed kernels are processed into a flattened shape, which greatly shortens the oil path.


Cooking can adjust the temperature and humidity of sunflower seeds thin sheets, which can fully destroy the tissue of cell in the thin sheets, improve the oil yield rate.


The flaked sunflower seed kernels are transferred to the feeding port of the sunflower oil press, and the sunflower oil is squeezed out by the mechanical external force of the snails of the sunflower oil press and obtain the crude sunflower oil and the pressed cake.

Sunflower oil production process flowSunflower oil production process flow

After reading the sunflower oil production process introduced for you above, you may have a general understanding about the sunflower oil extraction process. Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd is professional in sunflower oil extraction plant design, installation, technical consulting and so on and can provide you whole sunflower oil mill plant from 10 to 1000TPD If you have any doubts about the relevant details, please feel free to consult us.

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