How to extract oil from sunflower ? What equipment is needed?

Sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower seeds.It is typically obtained through either sunflower oil pressing equipment or sunflower oil solvent extraction equipment. Below, we will discuss these two types of sunflower oil extraction equipment in detail, and the sunflower oil extraction methods required.

Sunflower oil Sunflower oil

sunflower oil pressing equipment

The sunflower oil pressing equipment is a commonly used sunflower oil extraction equipment. In this process, a series of pretreatment equipment is needed to clean and process the sunflower . Firstly, cleaning equipment such as vibrating screens and magnetic separators are used to remove impurities from the sunflower , ensuring higher oil quality in the extraction. Next, a destoner is used to remove stones and other hard substances from the sunflower . Then, a steam cooker is used to regulate temperature and humidity, improving the efficiency of oil extraction. Finally, a screw oil press is used to press the sunflower seeds and extract the crude oil. To obtain a purer crude oil, a plate filter can be used to remove impurities from the crude oil.

 Sunflower oil press production line Sunflower oil press production line

sunflower oil solvent extraction equipment

sunflower oil solvent extraction equipment is another common sunflower oil extraction equipment. This method involves using chemical solvents to extract the oil. The sunflower oil solvent extraction equipment consists of the containing the former press plant, we call it the preprocessing. Firstly, the sunflower undergoes pre-pressing in the pre-pressing device to extract a portion of the oil. The remaining sunflower cake goes into the oil extractor for further extraction. During the oil extraction process, a solvent extractor is used to thoroughly mix the solvent with the oil seed.

The first part is the rotary extractor, which is one of the most important equipment in the entire plant, ensuring thorough mixing of the solvent with the oil seed. After 2 hours of mixing, the oil seed and the N- hexane, then you will get the oil mixed with solvent, which we call miscella and a wet meal.

The second step is wet meal decolonizing. The wet meal including the amount of the solvent is about 25%-35%. And this part of solvent can be recovered and reused. So we use the DTDC--desolventizer-toaster with integrated to separate the solvent from meal.

The third step is solvent evaporation and stripping. Through the process of evaporation and stripping, using equipment such as the first evaporator, second evaporator, and stripping column, the solvent in the oil is completely evaporated, resulting in pure oil.

The final step is solvent recovery, which is a crucial part. The gaseous solvent is converted into liquid form through a condenser and then recycled using a water tank. This helps to save costs and reduce environmental impact.

Sunflower oil solvent extraction equipmentSunflower oil solvent extraction equipment

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