How to choose sunflower oil refining machine?

In recent years, people's requirements for sunflower oil have become higher and higher. They are no longer satisfied with plain-quality pressed sunflower oil, but need a healthier, better-tasting refined sunflower oil. Refined sunflower oil is clear and free of impurities, has high nutritional value, and has a broad market. However, how to choose sunflower oil refining machine? Henan Glory Company gives you the answer!

Sunflower oil refining machine photoSunflower oil refining machine photo

First of all, you need to understand the process of sunflower oil refining. Generally, sunflower oil refining includes four steps: degumming, alkali refining deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. In the process of sunflower oil refining, there are three common sunflower oil refining machine, namely batch type refining machine, semi-continuous type refining machine and full continuous type refining machine. Choose from different types of sunflower oil refining machine depending on the scale of your processing capacity, the degree of automation, and the ease of operation. For different types of sunflower oil refining machine, I will give you a detailed introduction next.

Sunflower oil refining processSunflower oil refining process

The production cost and production efficiency of batch type refining machine are better than those of similar products in the same industry, and it is an ideal choice for small and medium scale oil production enterprises. Our batch type refining machine has the following characteristics:(Recommend reading:1-20TPD batch type sunflower oil refinery plant)

Batch type cooking oil refining machineBatch type cooking oil refining machine

►1. Suitable for small tonnage (below 30 tons) crude oil refining;

►2, with less investment, easy operation, small footprint;

►3. The cost of electricity and equipment maintenance is low, and the production batch and output can be adjusted at any time according to production needs, and can avoid peak electricity consumption in a timely manner according to the shortage of electricity in various regions and seasons;

►4. The quality of refined oil is higher than that of its peers.

Semi-continuous type refining machine serves a large number of small and medium scale oil refinery plants. The semi-continuous type refining machine improved through years of research and development is more suitable for small and medium tonnage oil refining (below 50 tons/day). The device has the following advantages:(Recommend reading:10-50TPD semi-continuous sunflower oil refinery plant)

Semi-continuous cooking oil type refining machineSemi-continuous cooking oil type refining machine

►1. The supporting equipment is simple and the operation is reliable;

►2. Low power consumption, better refining rate than batch and traditional semi-continuous type processes, and about 1% higher refining rate than batch type refining process;

►3. The quality of oil products is stable and the adaptability of oil species is strong, which can be used for refining of various kinds of oils and fats;

►4. It can improve the operating environment of the oil refinery plant and increase the economic benefits of the oil refinery plant;

The fully continuous refining machine is suitable for enterprises that can arrange a full-load continuous production cycle of at least 30 days at a time. Our company's fully continuous type refining process has the following characteristics:(Recommend reading:30-1000TPD full-continuous sunflower oil refinery plant)

Fully continuous type cooking oil refining machineFully continuous type cooking oil refining machine

►1. The equipment occupies a small area;

►2. The quality of oil products is good, and the oil production cycle of refined oil is short;

►3. The refining yield is high and the consumption of auxiliary materials is low, which can meet the requirements of deep processing of products;

►4. This process requires continuous operation and is suitable for enterprises with large tonnage (above 30 tons/day) that can be continuously produced.

In fact, the scope of application of each type of cooking oil refining machine is not fixed, and you can make specific adjustments according to the different raw materials to be processed. If you want to develop sunflower oil refining and production business, please contact Henan Glory Company, we will provide you with suitable sunflower oil refining machine at the factory price. Contact us now!


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