What equipment is needed from sunflower seed cleaning to sunflower seed oil filling?

Global consumption of sunflower oil ranks fourth among all cooking oils, after palm oil, soybean oil and canola oil, and sunflower oil is one of the important cooking oils in European countries. Therefore, more and more people want to engage in sunflower oil production business, then you first need to understand the production process of sunflower oil and the equipment required.

Sunflower seeds photoSunflower seeds photo

Generally speaking, the production process of sunflower oil is divided into three steps.

The first is oil extraction - pretreatment and pressing.

Sunflower seeds will have a lot of impurities in the process of collection and transportation, so generally speaking, sunflower seeds should be removed first. Impurities can affect the oil and damage the machine. It is then hulled to get clean sunflower kernels. Then it is crushed, steamed and fried before pressing to meet the requirements of temperature and moisture, and then pressed and filtered to obtain crude sunflower seed oil. The equipment required for this process is: vibrating screen - stone removal machine - magnetic separator - cracker - sunflower seed kernel and shell separator - flaking machine - cooker - oil press - filter.

Sunflower seed oil pretreatment and pressing machineSunflower seed oil pretreatment and pressing machine

The second is refining.

Removing harmful substances such as phosphoric acid from crude oil. Sunflower oil is degummed, deacidified, decolorized and deodorized during the refining process. The clear and odorless refined oil can be obtained, which can meet the edible oil standard required by the state. The required equipment is:(Recommend reading:1-20TPD batch type sunflower oil refinery plant)

Sunflower seed oil refining machineSunflower seed oil refining machine

Refining line including: acid refining, alkali refining, water washing and neutralization pot, degreasing and decolorizing pot;

Oil furnace/electric heating system: to provide the heat energy required for production;

Vacuum pump: to provide the vacuum required for decolorization and deodorization Environment;

Leaf filter/filter press: filter clay in decolorized oil;

Air pressure machine: blow dry decolorized clay;

Steam generator: generate steam required for deodorization and distillation.

Lastly is dewaxing.

Removing excess wax from the oil, which tastes better. Methods of cryogenic prospecting followed by mechanical separation of precipitated waxes. The resulting oil can be sold at a better price and is more popular. The equipment required are: crystallizing tank, refrigeration unit, air compressor and other equipment.

The refined oil after dewaxing can be packaged and sold. Packaging equipment generally includes filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines, inkjet printers, packing machines and other equipment. Customers need to determine the capacity of the bottle first, and then they can choose the appropriate packaging equipment.

Sunflower seed oil packaging equipmentSunflower seed oil packaging equipment

The above is all the equipment required from sunflower seed cleaning to sunflower seed oil filling. You can choose according to your actual needs, or you can contact Henan Glory Company, we can design sunflower seed oil production plan for you free of charge, and provide a complete set of sunflower seed oil production equipment.

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