Why does sunflower seeds need husking in sunflower oil making process?

In sunflower oil making process, does sunflower seeds need husking? It is one question often asked by our customers. Actually, husking or no husking are both OK, but in standard large scale sunflower oil processing plant, husking is one necessary step, because husking has some advantages for the following processing.

1. Improve the sunflower oil yield and reduce the residual oil rate.

For the small sunflower oil mill, husking machine costs too much, it is no worth to add a husking machine. And the capacity of the sunflower oil press machine is small, the residual oil is also a small part.

sunflower seeds husking machineSunflower seeds husking and kernel shell separating machine

However, large scale sunflower oil mill plant need consider every part whether there is waste. So husking can prevent the shell from absorbing the sunflower oil in sunflower oil making process so as to reduce the residual oil rate.

2. Improve the quality of crude sunflower oil and sunflower seeds meal

After husking, the color, acid value and wax content in crude sunflower oil are all reduced. Most important thing is that it not only improve the protein content of sunflower seeds meal, but also reduce the antinutritional factors from sunflower seeds shell, so that the sunflower seeds meal is more suitable as animal feed.

3. Reduce the wear for the equipment in following processing

sunflower oil processing machineThe equipment used in sunflower oil making process

In the following processing, there is crushing machine, flaking machine and sunflower oil press machine. Husking will reduce the wear of these machines and prolong equipment life.

4. Increase effective handling capacity of the equipment in following processing and reduce power consumption

These are the four reasons why sunflower seed need husking in sunflower oil making process. If you want to know more about sunflower oil making process, contact Henan Doing Company. Our engineers will answer your questions from very professional perspective.

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